Moments With Marcie


February 2017

Why Writers Need Community

This last weekend I attended Asheville Christian Writers Conference at The Cove in Asheville, NC. The worship was wonderful, the food was great, but the company of other writers was the icing on the cake. Being able to spend time... Continue Reading →


The Skillful Writer

I was watching a movie with my husband last weekend and I remember reading that the actress who played the main character in the movie had lost quite a bit of weight to play the role. To play a part... Continue Reading →

Why Write?

I’ve never seen myself as I writer. Correction. I never saw myself as a writer. Poets are not writers. We are makers of art with words. We are supposed to create feelings, emotions, and ponderings in short lines with words... Continue Reading →

Be Strong and of Good Courage

TRUST. It seems to be my word for the year. But I never imagined God would would use this particular verse as my foundational Scripture.

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