Someone was screaming. “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!”

I suddenly realized it was my own voice as panic began to set in.

I had left my home one sunny mid-morning in May to do errands before picking my daughter up from school. Along the way I felt something cold and wet on my foot. I glanced down but didn’t see anything so I figured I was imagining things and continued on my way.

Yet, the feeling wouldn’t subside. Something seemed amiss. I pulled into the parking lot of a church, got out of my car and proceeded to look underneath the seat and through the contents on the floorboard in the backseats. Not seeing anything of concern I got back into the car and drove on.

My foot still felt cold and wet and tingly. Was I imagining things?

As I crossed over the bridge on Hwy 127 S movement caught my attention to the right of me. I’m not sure how long that black snake was but I am sure of one thing and one thing only: I was terrified!

He slithered to the inside of the passenger seat window heading toward the windshield.

“Oh God what do I do!” I began I to cry and scream.

I slowed down the car a little, merged into the right hand lane, switched on my flashers all while watching this snake.

I’m not sure where the thought processed from (though I presume it was God giving me an answer) but I distinctly heard the words, “Roll down the window”, through the panic. I hit the button and watched as he took the exit God had given him. As soon as he was out that window I couldn’t make it go back up fast enough. (Power windows…gotta love em!)

He tried to crawl up the windshield but I guess the wind was too much for him as he suddenly fell off the car. I have no idea where he landed or went to but let’s just say, I didn’t care. He was out of my car.

I fled to my husband’s work where he took me gently into his arms and held me. His boss checked my car for more snakes (God bless him cause the thought had entered my mind and I panicked even more). I didn’t drive my own car for about 2 weeks after that.

For some reason I have no idea why, as I drove home from taking my daughter to school this morning my mind decided to replay that horrifying day 3 years ago. I can still feel my fear. I can still feel that wet, cold tingly feeling on my foot. I can still feel the panic and hear my own screams. It’s still as real today as it was then. And when I do think about it, I want to pull over and check my car again just in case another one somehow got into my car.

Sandi Patty sings a song called, “Someone Up There Loves Me”. It’s chorus has rung in my mind often this week. “Someone up there loves me/Every minute of the day/I know that someone’s up there/And He’s looking’ out for me.”  God was definitely watching over me. When I remember that incident I try to filter it through the good things. Things like: I didn’t crash the car. The snake didn’t bite me. Nobody else got hurt either. God was watching out for me the whole time.

I don’t know what scary situation you are finding yourself in today. Maybe you have gotten home from a writers conference and you feel overwhelmed by all of the information you received or you aren’t so sure about the appointments you had. Maybe you were told to tighten up your story or maybe you even got a “no, not right now” from someone. Perhaps you didn’t go to a conference but there is something else rather daunting or frightening in your life that is keeping you from advancing in your career or writing. Whatever it is, know this. God is watching out for you. He has you in the palm of His hand and He’s not letting go. The circumstances may be the hardest you’ve ever faced, but God is right there in the midst of it holding you and keeping you safe.

Take your fears to the Lord. 2 Timothy 1:7 declares:

For God has not given us a spirit of fear,

but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

That fear that is holding you captive is not from God. It is from the sneakiest snake himself, the devil. Let God change your fear to courage. From panic to calm. From disbelief to trust.

Go now in the Strength of the Lord,

P.S. I will answer your first question. No, I don’t know how it got in my car.

P.P.S. No, I do NOT want to hear your snake stories. This is not an invitation to share them with me.


Marcie Bridges

Author Care Representative of LPC