The words of a man’s mouth are deep waters;
The wellspring of wisdom is a flowing brook.
Proverbs 18:4

In this country we are free to write whatever we want to. With freedom of speech and the advantage of social media, we are given a platform with an audience larger than any in history. Our words are carried far and wide. As writers, this would be considered Writers Heaven.

With the invention of the internet has come a whole new level of readership we could never imagine before. Now we can get the latest news from Australia while keeping up with celebrities or finding a new way to cook a favorite dish. Whatever we are in the market to read, it is out there. Somewhere. Just waiting to be found.

And then there are blogs. I have one. Well, two now. And more than likely, if you are a writer, you have one too.

There is so much out there to read, how do we find time to read it all AND do our jobs? It’s crazy! Isn’t it?

That’s why what we choose to write about must matter. Not just for ourselves personally, but to those who are needing to hear what we have to say.

If we are going to be salt and light to this world, we have to be bold and brave and beautiful in our words. Bold in telling the world about the gospel. Brave to talk about things like sin and hell, even when we don’t want to, and beautiful in how we present our topics to the world.

There will always be those who criticize. There will always be those who disagree. And in the near future, we will not have the freedoms we do now to engage our world with the words of Jesus Christ.

So how do we make our words count? How do we choose what to put out there?

1. Pray first and foremost asking God to give you the topics and words you need to write. Pray for your readers. Pray that what you are writing will glorify the Lord.

2. Trust that what God has asked you to write about is the right thing at the right time. If you have doubts about the topic or the words you are using, ask God to remove any confusion you have and to speak clearly to you so what you are writing is also clear to your audience.

3. Choose your words carefully. Consider whether what you are writing is written in a defensive manner or gives the reader a pleasurable experience.

4. Have someone else read your post first and take their suggestions to heart. Whatever they say will hopefully not hurt your feelings but if they do, take a break, then come back to it and maybe you will see it in a new light. Perhaps you didn’t realize you were writing in a manner that put people off.

5. Edit well. Ask God to show you what to keep and what to toss. Even blog posts should be kept clean, neat, and well-written. Sometimes we go off on a tangent and leave the reader blind-sided by a rabbit trail or just an overload of too much information. Take care to read and re-read what you are writing before putting it out there for the world to see. Fix errors and do spell-checks. Just because it’s a blog post, doesn’t mean we can be lazy. God has given us this talent, let’s give Him our best.

We are called to be servants for God. We are called to proclaim His truths. We are called to give others the gift of hope.

And for right now, we are free to write this message of hope to an audience bigger than we’ve ever had.

Blessings on Your Writing,



marciebiopic_3Marcie Bridges

Author Care Rep of LPC