Moments With Marcie



Missed Opportunities

I knew God wanted me there. I had no doubts about that...But as I sat in my room the first night, I felt something akin to a restlessness in my spirit. I couldn’t shake the feeling God had someone for me to meet.


Dear Diary?

How does writing down your prayers enhance your spiritual walk and your prayer time?

But I Don’t Want To!

How many times does God ask us to do something we don’t want to do but because we love God and want to obey Him, we do it anyway?

While I Am Waiting ~ A Prayer

While I am waiting for the answers I am seeking from You, Lord, I will be patient. I will not grow weary as I run, I will not faint as I walk. Even if I stumble over my shoelaces as I step out in faith, I will pick myself back up in Your strength.

A Simple Invitation

You are invited to offer your talent to the Lord in complete surrender to Him.

Our Greatest Weapon

It is in prayer colors turn richer, sunbeams are brighter, the air around us is cleansed and we see things in a light all their own. When fear chokes the breathe right out of us prayer breathes in peace.

“I Fell Off the Trash Truck”

How is the writer's life like hanging onto the back of a moving trash truck? Larry W. Timm shares a humorous story that will tickle your insides but also provides a good lesson for us in determination.


We can not do what God calls us to do unless we devote our hearts wholeheartedly to Him.

In the Blink of an Eye

It only takes one swift word to ruin a writer. We must choose our written words carefully.

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