Moments With Marcie



A Graveyard of Hope

Feeling hopeless? Worthless? Your words seem to be dry bones in a graveyard? It is time for us to rise up. Let God breathe life into our spirit and our words.


Do I Matter?

Carole Brown encourages us to see ourselves as God sees us in this heart-warming post.

Everyone Needs a Barnabas

Carol Guthrie Heilman encourages us to find someone who can help us in our writing journey. Someone to inspire us and keep us going when we feel like giving up or don't know how to pursue our dreams. Do you have a Barnabas in your life?

A Divided Heart

Procrastination. I bet you didn’t know that is my first, middle, and last name, did you? I’ve always had a problem with it. I don’t believe I have ADD but I do get distracted and sidetracked easily. Many times I... Continue Reading →

Short People (got every reason to live)

Take heart dear writer. God sees you. He knows you. You are not invisible to Him. And your time is coming in His perfect timing.

The Most Horrific Day of My Life (so far)

Someone was screaming. “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” I suddenly realized it was my own voice as panic began to set in. I had left my home one sunny mid-morning in May to do errands before picking my daughter... Continue Reading →

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