Magazines Resources for Writers:

Christian Communicator (American Christian Writers):

Institute for Writers: (also go here for writing courses to learn to write for children and adults. I highly recommend them as I am a graduate of theirs.)

Writer’s Digest:  (online and print subscriptions available; also has articles and much more on their website to read)

Poets and Writers Magazine:  (online and print subscriptions available; also has articles, contests, workshops and more on their website) is an online magazine with forums, articles, and a place for community within the Christian publishing world:

Creative NonFiction Magazine:  (both online and print subscription)

The Writer: (print and digital subscriptions)

Writing Magazine: (a U.K. magazine; both print and digital subscriptions available)

Writers’ Forum Online:  (also U.K. based)

Self-Publishing Magazine: (online only. No subscription needed)

Authors Publish: (email subscription only)